Our Story


I'm (Scott Pellegrino) 34 years old from Long Island, New York. Kayley Sabin is 24 years old from Los Angeles, CA.  Accompanying us is our  9 year old rescue mutt; OG.


I moved to Los Angeles with ambition and my Yamaha R1000 motorcycle in the summer of 2009 chasing sunshine and fun behind a camera. On July 28th, 2015, I was in a motorcycle wreck that broke my spine, right collar bone, left forearm and 6 ribs. I suffered a major head injury and was in a coma for 11 days. I had multiple surgeries, months of rehab, and continue to deal with the after affects of the injuries I sustained; including the 2 rods now fastened to my spine with the 12 screws that secure them to 6 of my vertebrae (T1-T6 fusion), the scar tissue and hardware used to rebuild the shattered bones in my left forearm, the two plates that put my collar bone back together, and the medical bills to take care of all these repercussions for the rest of my life. 
But I'm still here! 

I was not at fault in the accident. I almost died because of someone's carelessness and their illegal left turn. A quick, small action in everyday life which had severe consequences for me. But...that's right....I'm still here!

I no longer want to waste a single day not doing what makes me happy. I refuse to put off my everyday happiness and worrying over future success and financial stability. I chose to be happy NOW. Throughout my recovery I started to consider all of the 'things' that make me happy...

I've always been fascinated by architecture and design. I worked on custom cabinetry and installation with my father--a master carpenter--when I was younger. I like making things, especially out of wood. I've been following the Tiny House Movement and am naturally intrigued by the idea of living small, and building small to facilitate that level of sustainability. And I LOVED the 6 months I spent living in a 31' travel trailer! 

I decided to buy a bus and convert it into a Tiny House to park anywhere, so I would always have a home, no matter my future finances. And also always have the mobility to travel around the country to share my story, to hear other people's stories, and to learn more about myself and my purpose. I mean...I'm still here! And the 'why' in that outcome is exciting and deserves to be explored. 
Over a few months of sketching floor plans, asking my friends and family to weigh-in and considering my own interests and life long goals of movie making, I decided to go for it. 


I bought a 2001 Blue Bird All American school bus out of Springfield, OR at auction.  The bus cost me $7675 after fees.  I'm converting this bus into the Tiny House of my dreams, ON WHEELS (a skoolie).  And I mean it.  A full bathroom, a bedroom with a cal-King, a full kitchen, a washer machine & dryer, A/C, heat, entertainment, a kitchen dinette and a large chase lounge/ day bed.  Complete with solar electricity and enough fresh water to take us off the grid for weeks at a time. 

When our converted bus is road worthy, we will spend a minimum of 72 hours in each state we can drive to, including Alaska. Early estimation is this trip should span over 11 months.
With events in mind across the country and ambition to work in various communities we hope to see it all. We'll be posting a VIDEO Monday through Friday to my YouTube channel so our friends, family and YOU can follow along the way. Consider giving us us pointers about where we should go next and who we should meet when we get there.  I have a serious coffee addiction that always needs scratching.  ALSO fitness! We have dumb bells, kettle bells and a chin-up bar on the bus so join us. Gym in mind? CrossFit preferably, but we're into all sorts of workouts on the road, recommend away!

With me for this unique adventure; my girlfriend Kayley. She's 24 years old and is from Los Angeles, CA. We met in July of 2016 and moved in together later that same year. Unbeknownst to her....I was already planning my bus conversion and criss-cross of the U.S.A. We fell for each other instantly, though I waited a few weeks before I told her of my wild plan as not to scare her away. When I did, she was totally on-board and we've been working side-by-side to make it happen ever since!  Even the idea of daily videos didn't shake her.

I started making videos and posting to YouTube.com/RollWithIt to prepare for the expedition of a lifetime. (Check NOW for videos of us in Los Angels and driving the bus for the first time or the bus conversion videos) I want to make sure we capture our adventures and meetings of some sure to be life long friends for the first time, all on video.. 

The conversion has started and my 'how to' series will be posting weekly. Then Kayleya nd I will be making a series about our 11 month road trip.  We will post Monday through Friday on the channel:  youtube.com/rollwithit.

Monday's video will be long form content that recaps our weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tuesday though Friday will be shorter form recapping each day before.




My near death experience has given me clarity, has defined for me that living without happiness is not really living. Life is fleeting. And not in our control. I don't want to work another 14 hour day with the goal to make other people rich. I want joy. I want adventure. I want a Tiny House on Wheels to take me to locations that are legendary and more, to locations that I haven't heard of yet.  

Join us, comment on the YouTube.com/RollWithIt videos or @RollWithItBus on instagram or the FaceBook ( fb.me/RollWithItBus) page! Just go ahead and talk to us.  We'd love to hear from you.  We're looking to make new friends all over the country.  Show us your neighborhood!