Looking Grey Out There


Kayley loves going to the movies.  I love movies too but I love watching at home.  Since I met Kayley I've been going to a lot more movies.  Sometimes they're good, but usually they're bad and I'm a tough critic to begin with.  I make media, I went to school to make media and I dissect the entire process anytime I watch a video of any kind, or TV or a film.  I can't help it, I love the process of production, I study it intensely.  Kayley wanted to see 50 Shades Darker.  I never saw the first film; 50 Shades of Grey, so I went into it with a clean slate.  I think about 20 minutes in I had to pull my phone out and write.  Here is what I wrote:

"I had  to take my phone out. Regular people want a juvenile, teenage-like relationship? Full of amateur lust, hostile communication and nothing but trust issues? OK. Got it  Idk what it is I've missed exactly.

The hypocrites of today. Marching in the streets for womens rights, but enamored with a hot headed, cruel, sexed up billionaire who treats them like casual sex slaves? Lies, keeps secrets, possessive and angry attitude all the time.  That women are OK with? Even seek after. Strange. Very strange world I find myself in while in this movie theater in Marina del Rey in early 2017. 

When she said she'd never be able to give him the submissiveness that the girl with the gun could. And she cried. She cried she's sorry she can't give that. That she can't be a submissive girl.  It's insane. Is this what women think is hot? Dudes with emotional issues they're trying to work out through rough sex? 

Maybe it's because Kayley and I have a great sex life. Spontaneous, sometimes planned lust and passion and we still love one another. We say it often. We show it even more than its said. That is hot. Write about that. Make a film about passionate lovers and partners supporting each other and having great sex because of mental passion along with physical.  Not some billionaire fucking creep who gets off on the woman's anguish slash unease.  It's crazy. 

In every other scene these two continue to promise each other love and loyalty. Then they have a fight. Then a surprise! A hidden secret!  Not a good one. Ever.  It's outrageous. They never SHOW their love. The words they keep repeating. They don't act like it. This is the culture of today.  This is a relationship surely headed for divorce. This is the problem. This is what people are being told they should want and should accept. A fake, fruitless relationship that looks good on the front, but no one is happy with.  Always waiting for the next shoe to drop. It's gross. 

As this horrible sex scene in the shower unfolds I wonder.. Has any woman that loves this actually had good sex?! Then I remember Kayley brought me here. What in the world do people like about this absolute garbage?"


Vent over.  Carry on with your awful movies.