Its 3:41 am on a Wednesday

It's nearly 4am and I'm starting my life.  Silly right?  IDK though, is it?  I'm starting this website which I bought the domain for some 6 months ago.  Either way, tonight I did it.  When I sarted doing it, the snowball began.  Suddenly I was signing myself up for a blog.  Physically creating a space that is specifically for blog entries.  It's been 3 years, maybe even 5 years since I tried this blogging thing.  I write often, I share almost never.  Mostly I write poetry, some sort of ode to something more times than not.  Usually it's a note to Kayley, a page or an email telling her what my inner most thoughts are.  I find myself caught up, I get emotional often.   When I do and it's positive I write about it.  When Kayley and I first started seeing each other I wrote her poems everyday.  I was obsessed with writing about her and my desires towards her.  I wrote her love notes, I wrote her passionate, lust filled fantasies and we took pictures everywhere we went.  Now that we live together I don't write her as often.  I try to show her how passionate she makes me feel each day.  Oh wow, anyway... 

I'm starting my life ...right.  I'm buying a bus.  I want to convert a retired school bus into a tiny house/ rv/ loft on wheels for Kayley and I to call home.  After conversion we plan to spend a minimum of 72 hours in each state that we can drive our home to.  Accompanying us will be my rescued mutt; OG.  It's not short for Original Gangster so just hold your HatorAde.  It's short for Oscar the Grouch.  When OG came to me he was only about 6 weeks old, named Oscar and peed on everything,  EVERYTHING.  I started calling him Oscar the Grouch bc I was always so frustrated with him.  OG came from Southern Illinois, Carbondale.  He went from there to living with me in Lake Tahoe, California in Carnelian Bay. After Tahoe we moved to Baltimore, Maryland.  After Baltimore we went to Bayside, Queens, New York.  When I left NY for LA, OG stayed with my Aunt and Uncle. Originally I planned on coming back for him in 6 months, that was 7 years ago.  Now I'm gearing for an epic road adventure and it only seems right that he join me.  With my Aunt's blessing my old friend will be coming along for this criss-cross countryFireball Run.

Did I mention on July 28th, 2015 I was involved in a horrific motorcycle wreck that broke my spine, forearm, collar bone, 6 ribs and collapsed both lungs? Oh that, that's quite the story.  I'll save that for my next entry.