I tried Acid and then PR'd in CrossFit

I tried acid for the first time yesterday.  I'm 34.  Kayley and I both had the day off, she was leaving on a flight later in the evening.  Well, actually let's start here:  I've always felt a bit unassuming.  In my personal life I'm pretty chill (for a NY'er).  Often my friends would be baffled at my handling the responsibility of a million dollar budget or the managing of a 30 person crew.  On the flip side;  those who knew me at work were always baffled to hear that at the end of a 16 hour day producing television I'd often head home for a glass of wine and a joint.  I'm a self appointed ' go getter' and when there is work to do I expect it done.  And done well.  This all crossed over into crossfit so nicely.  I found Logan, a local gym owner of a rad place that seemed different.  I talked about it.  I tweeted about it.  I didn't actually go, or even meet Logan in person until a year later.  I showed up and found a new measurement of hard work.  And even more so, working with efficiency, really hard.  Not with the intent of looking good (which is why I thought anyone worked out).  It was about putting in quality work for SELF IMPROVEMENT.  It was an environment that DEMANDED accountability.  And you know what?  The barbell does not lie.  I later tattooed Deuce's logo on my foot: <2> but that's for another time.  

Let's get back to the acid.  I had nothing to do and I was in possession of a gift, a small blue tincture type bottle of acid.  I've experimented with other psychedelics before.  Ever since I had rods screwed to my spine I've been looking towards alternative medicines for pain relief and generally looseness of my neck and back muscles.  I absolutely REFUSE to take "pain" medications.  From the moment I was sober enough to realize what was happening 18 months ago as I lay in my hospital bed I said NO.  I will not have a life where I depend on evil substances to get by.  Also, they didn't relieve pain, they just got me high.  No thanks.  My journey into experimenting and finding natural relievers proved difficult.  I swear by CBD.  If you don't know about it, look it up, it's incredibly beneficial and Non-psychoactive. But man is it expensive.  An ounce of pure CBD isolate is about $900. For an ounce!  I would take about a half of a gram a day.  That's 56 days of being able to function with relatively well neck mobility for 56 days.  Ouch.  

A friend invited me to a Deep Dive Ceremony of 5-Meo-Dmt.  That was a lot to accept for me.  That's hardcore I thought.  That's some new aged acid of the 70's type shit.  But it isn't, I was wrong.  I went to the ceremony.  It completely changed my life.  I didn't expect it but the next day my tightness was gone.  My neck felt like before my accident.  I felt normal.  I could move without caution.  My gate in my walk changed.  I fell back into all of my old comforts.  I was driving with my left hand on the wheel with no pain.  That was so insanely crazy I could never explain it to anyone who hasn't had to change the way they drive because of neck pain.  Then one day, days later, all of a sudden 'holy shit, I'm driving regular again'.  It was the happiest I have ever felt. I was getting my body back.  I was getting a second chance at life, but without the added discomfort that I believed I had to endure for the rest of my life sentence.  Gone.  What in the hell is that about I thought.

So, that same friend said 'hey if you want I have great acid.  I have also been administering it to people trying to cope with BLANK.  If you'd like to try it, maybe it will help you also.'  And that brings us up to speed.  

I took two drops of liquid acid around 2pm.  By 8pm I was making sense of my experience.  By 11pm I was not altered in anyway expect one.  I appreciated more.  I reflected on life.  My goals, the company I keep and those who have helped create the person I am.  Around 8pm before Kayley left we talked about responsibilities.  I agreed to meet my friend Ewan at Deuce at 7:30am for a half-Murph (run 800m, 50 pull-ups, 100 push-up, 150 air squats, then run another 800m) and it was daunting.  She said 'text him tonight if you can't make it baby, let him know'.  There was no fucking way I was missing this workout.  If I can eat acid at 2pm on a random Thursday in Venice, CA than I can damn sure work out the next day.  That's accountability.

I went.  I did well.  Since my accident, everything is a PR (personal record).  Danny calls me Pellegrino2.0 (2.0 for short), because I'm different now.  I have a shit load of metal in me.  My brain had 5 strokes, I'm fortunate to walk this earth.  This is a new start like it or not.  That old body?  Sorry kid, that's not mine anymore.  I woke up to this reality on a hospital bed and needed to see my own X-rays to believe it, but yeah, that's me, I'm a boat load of metal now.  

I completed a 800m run, 25 pull-ups, 90 push-ups, 150 air squats and a 800m run in 35 minutes.  That is a new PR for 2.0!  Now I say all of this to say: GO DO SOMETHING.  Take care of yourself, have maintenance and then accountability for what's right.  That might just be PR'n a crossfit work out the morning after trying acid for the first time.  GO.