My first Bus auction

This isn't exactly how I envisioned it, but it was a game changer.  It's 1:30am on a Thursday night.  We just walked in from the movies.  We saw Logan and poor Kayley couldn't stay awake. She's crashed out behind me, Iron Man plays in the background and I think about the bus that got away.  I was tracking a bus for the last 10 days or so on  I am looking for a particular set up, drive train-wise in a well maintained bus.  I'm planning for numerous trips through the mountains and plenty of long road clips.  I need a beefy transmission and a reliable work horse of an engine.  Oh; and I want the smoother ride, I'll need the pusher (rear engine).  Not many come about.  When they do, they got a good deal of attention. So I searched, and then found and tracked and I waited.  This morning was go time.  The auction was set to end at 3:10pm EST and I was ready to win my bus!  I bid early, then I bid often towards the last 10 minutes. Bids went up in 25 dollar intervals.  I upped it to $50 increments my last two bids. Three minutes to go and I did it.  I'm ahead, the counter bids have stopped and I'm getting my preferred set up for only $1825!  I could hardly handle the anxiety of it all.  As the time ticks I anxiously curb the fears of getting this bus out of Florida in the mandatory 5 days allowed.  Something that I refused to think about until I was in-fact a bus owner. no matter how many times Kayley brought the concern to my attention. Then with only 16 seconds left I got outbid by a brand new player.  I freaked out!  I frantically entered my next bid.  I upped it it again! 1900 even!  It's mine! But, no it wasn't.  In my panic I accidentally hit the letter 'H' at the end of my bid.  'H'!  How is that even possible.  The system did not recognize what I entered as a valid bid. Wow that's frustrating.  And just like that, the new bidder won the bus for $1850 and a 12% auction fee.  Man I woulda signed up for that.  I learned though.  That was my first time bidding on a live auction online.  Next time I'll be ready.  Next time I'll win my bus and start converting my home.