Local Love

I sit at this kitchen table in Marion, Illinois waiting for footage to transfer.  Kayley is showering and I’m suppose to be cleaning and organizing the bus for our push to Chicago only moments away.  This trip has taken way, way longer than expected. 

The bus is governed at 60 mph and calculating in the many stops for gas and rest, we probably average about 40 to 45 mph. We spent 3 nights in Texas hanging with Landon and Angela while we took care of responsibilities.  Now we’re hanging in Southern Illinois where I went to college (Dawgs Up!) and have great people looking after us. 

I can’t help but feel motivated while sitting at Ian and Natalie’s kitchen table.  Kids are playing, chickens are being delivered and my view of their lake is nothing short of stunning.  This is what Kayley J and I are after.  Simplicity in existing.  Having land, animals, a family of our own and time to spend with one another. 

Every place Kayley discovers is another place she wants to live.  I’m so excited to be able to share with her; her first impressions of this vast and beautiful country. 

Our country has so much to offer and people are so different and terrific in their very own ways every couple of hundred miles.  We’re making the right choice, we’re going to discover who we are and what it is exactly we’re after.  

We’ll find our plot of land and serve coffee to a tight knit town and sew ourselves in as a part of that community.  I’m over the moon and we haven’t even converted our house yet.  This is why we’re doing this, this is why I bought the bus.  It’s not so much the physical vehicle but more the theory of this vehicle and the options it now provides for us. 

We can be in love, we can travel, we can stay put, we can have it all.  Travel with us. Help us experience your town's unique community.  Recommend your favorite towns, places, restaurants, water parks even!  Whatever you feel we NEED to see before we leave your great state.  Please, tell us. Help us see the best in every land across our amazing country.  Roll with us!  See you soon.