Kayley and I are doing it. It's been an insane couple of months. Since traveling and picking up the bus on St Patrick's day in Springfield, OR. we've covered some ground. 

We left our apartment and CA life behind for #BUSLIFE and adventures on the road. 


We went from Los Angeles to Arizona. Got a hotel in Tempe. Drove 80 miles through a dust storm. Slept at a truck stop in New Mexico. Watched a band and had dinner in El Paso, then a gorgeous dinner and visit in Seguin, TX. Hung out in near Houston with college friends for 3 days. Then headed north. Had lunch in Dallas. 

Stayed with more college friends and saw a baseball game at my old college grounds (SIU)  in southern Illinois.  I graduated from there in 2008. We spent two days in Chicago and celebrated Kayley's 24th birthday. We went to an epic 18 inning Cubs vs Yankees baseball game (but VERY sadly left early) for our first time at Wrigley field. 

After Illinois it was a straight shot to NYC more or less. We slept on the side of the road and a truck stop once more along the way. 

We arrived in NYC, drove onto Long Island.  Moved into an apartment in Bayport and parked the bus in Riverhead on a farm where we'll convert it into our tiny house all summer long. 

Conversion has started.  I ripped all of the seats out and am trying not to rush things.  EVEN WHEN I'M THIS EXCITED.. The conversion vlogs and videos are coming weekly. We can't wait to share our experiences with everyone!