Let's Get Into This

Converting a bus is hard.  Forget the actual work, turning the wrench and all that fun. 

It's the research. It's the figuring out which way to turn that wrench. Then it's the cost.  Materials, labor when possible and then materials again because you didn't research enough and/or correctly. 

Or often in my case because you made a delirious purchase of something you read about at 3am and you're sure of.  I've always been handy or at least capable with a tool box.  My father is a master carpenter and I worked with him after I graduated H.S.  

Working with my hands is nothing new, I've framed houses and turned wrenches on state of the art Italian motorcycles.  I once was a studio maintenance manager on a sound stage and can build Ikea furniture in the dark.  Converting a bus is different.  The bus project has proven a more than worth adversary.  I'm drained.  I'm mentally more exhausted than my body is tired and I hardly sleep. 

When I'm not physically working on the bus I'm logging and editing footage; working on the bus. When I'm not editing footage I'm shooting new footage and working on the bus.  In between I'm reading about how to work on the bus and trying to find time to RESET.  Write a blog post, reflect on our summer and take joy in the success of our journey.  Still weeks away, but wow I'm in awe if I let myself stop pushing forward for two minutes and think about it.  We've come a long way both literally and figuratively.  Kj has been nothing short of stunning.  Working harder than I could have imagined, putting up with my constant absent minded mistakes and second guesses of our plan.

Then the two minutes are up and I'm settling whatever went wrong that day or printing shipping labels to return bad purchases.  Or cross checking our to do list from the day before and that list just seems to grow. 

We're doing this so Kj and I can travel the country and find our new home to settle into.  That home is figurative.. The bus is our physical home and it will be for a long time coming.  We'll transform our rolling home into our traveling escape.  

Our means of exploration. Not just of this country but of ourselves. We'll use it as a tool to meet others and get a feel for their community. We'll laugh, we'll joke about finding 'another' town we just have to live in. 

We'll have it all.  But first we'll finish the bus and post a video.  See you on the road.